2015 Australian State of the Video Industry Report

Marketers are shifting budgets to fund digital video at an accelerated rate, but what is driving these shifts?

In the 2015 Australian State of the Video Industry report, AOL, takes an in-depth look at industry trends that are fueling digital video’s continued dominance. According to the brands, agencies and publishers surveyed for this third-annual report, there is a growing need to bring sight, sound and motion to consumers across screens.

Some key findings include:

  • Traditional advertising budgets are being reprioritized to fund digital video. Nine out of 10 buyers shifting budget to digital video are reallocating from TV.
  • Mobile video is a key area for increased investments. Mobile budgets account for a growing proportion of the expanding digital video pie.
  • Programmatic has reached a point of ubiquity for buyers and sellers. Publishers expect 91% of their video inventory to be sold this way next year.
  • Australians have a stronger focus on private marketplaces. The preference for private marketplaces and agency trading desks far outweighs counterparts in the UK and US.
  • Branded video content is a growing area of focus for marketers. For those that use it, branded content accounts for 40% of a buyer’s total video ad spend.

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