Audience is Currency

Monetize your most
valuable asset

A publisher’s audience is their currency. No matter how they make money from content — be it through advertising, paid subscription or syndication, a publisher’s core asset is audience and audience data. And yet, as platforms proliferate and the industry evolves in favor of other actors, the publisher of today is losing control over and insight into their audience - and consequently their ability to maximize revenue.

As publishers ourselves, we’ve developed ONE by AOL to empower publishers with robust analytics and open, transparent monetization solutions to capitalize on the true value of an audience.

Revenue Roulette

In today's ecosystem, publishers maximize their sales opportunity by working with a wide breadth of advertisers and demand partners, and harnessing all types of transaction models from direct sales to public auction to a myriad of deal types.

But insights are lagging around how to make the best decisions: how to package audiences, when to sell as one transaction model over another, or what demand partners are most valuable. The ability to maximize revenue shouldn’t be left to chance.


ONE by AOL: Publishers provides technologies and expertise to help publishers understand their audience and leverage its true value across all these transaction models and demand, making the best decisions at the impression level.

Case Studies

Multiply optimizes success with AlephD and ONE by AOL: Publishers

Multiply chose ONE by AOL: Display MP to deploy AlephD’s exclusive price floor optimization technology and reaped the benefits of an 18% uplift in revenue.

USA Today Network simplifies and scales multichannel monetization with ONE by AOL: Publishers

Through a diverse US and UK portfolio with some of the most respected sports-oriented content, USA Today Network attracts an audience with high content and ad experience expectations - and one highly sought after by premium advertisers. With the goal of maximizing revenue on each impression, USA Today Network looked to ONE by AOL: Publishers to help implement a video-first strategy.


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