8 Quick Tricks to Wrap Up Your Holiday Strategy

November 15, 2016

In our last post, we unwrapped key trends from our ONE by AOL: Mobile Marketplace to help app developers in need of a holiday monetization strategy. As we inch closer to the most wonderful time of the year, we’ve got more quick, tactical tips to set yourself up for a merry holiday haul.

Get Your House in Order
The time is now to make sure your account setup is optimized for maximum revenue. Three simple setup tweaks can go a long way toward capturing additional dollars.

Revisit Block Lists
ONE by AOL: Mobile has a robust brand safety offering with controls and checks throughout the ad serving process. Block lists are an important component of any monetization strategy, but it’s easy to have a set-it-and-forget-it approach. Consider adjusting the specificity of your block lists now while dollars are flowing.

Tier Your Inventory
Consider modifying your account setup to highlight your first look inventory. Set multiple levels of calls to the ONE by AOL: Mobile Marketplace, breaking out true, first-look inventory. This will allow bidders to pay a premium for first-look opportunities and less for opportunities farther down the monetization flow. Also, consider adding a call to the ONE by AOL: Mobile Marketplace in the same tier as every Ad Network added.

Go Global
All markets are different, which is why you can’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing strategy when it comes to mobile advertising. To maximize your opportunity, break out Tier 1 countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia) and Rest of World (ROW) ad source calls with unique floors that will help you maximize potential for a given user's location.

Don’t Procrastinate
Just like you shouldn’t put off finishing your holiday shopping until the last minute, don’t sleep on your monetization strategy. Give yourself enough time to try out fresh ideas that could carve out new pockets of revenue.

Maximize Demand
AOL brings unique demand to the table through managed media and programmatic buyer relationships. ONE by AOL: Mobile also has plug and play mediation capabilities available. Download our SDK, use our platform and get connected to integrated partners like Chartboost, Facebook and AdMob.

Diversify Ad Units
We told you video was big last year with eCPMs 4x higher than banner ads. Consider adding video placements for a new revenue stream. If you’re already integrated with static interstitials, enabling video is as easy as flipping a switch on our platform.

Maximize the Value of Your Inventory
Buyers love mobile, but not all inventory passes muster. They’re looking for inventory with rich data and this is all in your hands. Consider consistently passing location-enabled parameters and device ID.

Adjust Your Strategy on the Fly
Prep work is important for holiday success, but there’s no substitute for on-the-fly adjustments to keep pace with traffic patterns and 2016 behaviors.

Watch the Trends
Analytics are key for identifying opportunities as you monitor daily revenue. ONE by AOL: Mobile excels at reporting, providing an in depth, consolidated view of all of your demand sources — from ONE by AOL: Mobile Marketplace to your own ad network relationships. A full revenue picture from all of your partners helps you take action on what’s happening in real time.

Monitor Floors
Prices are generally higher during the holiday season, but that doesn’t automatically mean you should bump up your floor prices. It’s important to understand the dynamics at play and to monitor and adjust floor prices for each placement accordingly.

We hope your holiday is a fruitful one, and if you need us, we’re always here. Reach out to our team for strategic help this holiday season.