AI Delivers a Personalized Customer Journey

January 07, 2017

This year artificial intelligence (AI) began to come into its own in a big way, not only through improvements in consumer touch points like Siri or Cortana but in ad tech platforms too. When machine-learning is built into platforms, it can process data to such a degree as to predict what life stages consumers are at, allowing advertisers to tailor their connections with them depending on what big events or changes might be about to happen in their lives.

It’s a powerful proposition if done right - consumers want contextual and relevant advertising and what could be more relevant than someone offering help, advice or products based on your needs right at the point or just before you need them? These are insights that marketers can use now to inform their advertising strategies.

The problem ad tech continues to face is fragmentation. Insights like those predicting consumer behaviours and life stages to such an accurate degree are currently exceptionally useful, but siloed in how they can be delivered. As mobile, video and display platforms are unified further in 2017, and platforms find increasingly better ways to share data safely with partners, we’ll see machine-learning come even further into its own - delivering truly contextual, relevant brand experiences to consumers across all screens and formats based on ever-improving data modeling from across their life stages and predicted needs. Data will be the currency of the future.

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