Neglecting Non-Voters Could Be Your Biggest Campaign Mistake This Election

September 07, 2016

In my last article, I revealed that new voters and non-voters could determine who will win the 2016 presidential election. That’s a big deal! But these audiences have been put on the back burner as campaigns mistakenly focus their energy on those who have already committed to voting this upcoming election. Clearly, digital efforts could be better spent on encouraging this underrated and potentially highly influential demographic to cast ballots come November. After all, they could be the ones to choose our next president.

So, what would inspire non-voters to, well, vote? Digital offers an ideal platform to this specific group. I want to share these fresh strategies that will take your campaign to the next level and, hopefully, send non-voters and new voters to the election polls:

  • Buddy Up: Work with your media partners to utilize and create custom segments of targeting demographic and consumer data. One of the biggest challenges with using offline voter file data is while working online, data loss may happen. It would benefit advertisers to use a variety of unique data segments, like consumer behavior and action-orientated data along with voter data to reach these desired audiences.
  • Get Creative: While data is a vital part of the equation, reaching non-voters in a creative matter is just as important. Data targeting only works when paired with a personalized experience for consumers. So by giving non-voters a unique experience through engaging video overlays and animated display units, advertisers can better connect with that demographic in a more relevant way.
  • Be Bold With Your Budget: Data and creative make a powerful combination. But cost plays a large factor in a campaign, especially when the budget is limited. We suggest that you understand how digital media is bought and sold. So be in the know and make sure that your media partners are transparent and accountable in how your dollars are being spent. You deserve to get the most bang for your buck!

In the end, finding ways to activate new voters and non-voters could determine who wins and loses in the 2016 presidential election. AOL has the data-driven digital strategy to reach this powerful group and get it involved with the upcoming election — a route no campaign can afford to ignore.

Ready to extend a hand and ballot to non-voters? Contact a AOL sales representative for more information.