State of the Video Industry - Expert Voices Part 4: Branded Video is Taking Hold

April 27, 2016

In the final installment of an exclusive four-part video series that dives into key findings from our latest State of the Video Industry report, industry experts share their insights on branded video content and the unique opportunities and challenges it poses as an emerging medium.


Branded video content is taking hold for both buyers and sellers. As the technology that’s powering the tool is becoming more sophisticated, both sides are increasing their adoption and investments. According to the sixth-annual US State of the Video Industry report, branded video is already over a third of brands’ digital video advertising budgets-- a number expected to grow by an average of 10% this year. 61% of publishers now offer branded video content solutions, stemming from increased advertiser demand and offering new monetization opportunities.

The value in the medium is that it allows for brands to deliver relevant and targeted content to consumers through sight, sound and motion and build user interest in the brand itself. By fusing together brand content with data and technology, branded video campaigns can make a deep, powerful and emotional connection with consumers. 

Branded video is not without its fair share of challenges though. Both buyers and sellers cite cost as a major obstacle for investing in the medium. Due to the form, a lot of time and dollars are required to successfully produce branded video content.  Although scale is considered a challenge, there is a major opportunity for both buyers and sellers by working with video distribution partners for that can add scale and implement programmatic capabilities such as targeting and reach. This allows for further monetization for publishers and lets brands combine content and data to reach their audiences with the right content at scale.

Despite the challenges that exist, there are opportunities for both sides to effectively maximize and utilize branded video. As the medium becomes more mature and buyers and sellers become more educated, we’ll expect to see even more adoption.

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