Your Flash Player Is So 2015

June 20, 2017

Remember two years ago when “Flashpocalypse” was actually a word used in common discourse in the ad tech community? Well here we are, summer of 2017: plenty of creatives are still built as Flash, and as publishers we’ve felt the need to hang on to our VPAID Flash players to meet the needs of our buyers. But we don’t have to.

There’s a smarter player strategy out there: VPAID JS. As we wait for the buy-side to catch up and migrate creative production wholly to JavaScript, we can continue efficiently monetizing Flash creatives using a VPAID JS player, which comes with a host of other benefits to optimize your business.

VPAID JS Player is the way forward

Moving away from a VPAID Flash player to the VPAID JS player means that you’ll enjoy an overall faster player, with better compatibility browsers across the board.

ONE by AOL: Video publishers have seen 19% decrease in error rates moving from Flash player to VPAID JS Player.

Publishers can’t afford to hold out too long

Even as Flash creatives abound, as publishers, we need to future-proof ourselves. Google has already announced that they are ending support for Flash creatives through their advertising platform and publishers must move their creatives and VPAID Adaptors/Players to HTML5. Even Adobe—the creators of Flash—has asked the industry to stop using it.

Don’t wait until the last minute. When it gets to the point where you notice every browser has ceased support and your users are actively blocking all Flash, you’ve already lost revenue. By migrating to the VPAID JS player today, you can avoid being a fish out of water.

Don’t worry. Flash creatives can still serve in the VPAID JS Player

Flash player is completely different from Flash creatives. The VPAID JS player can also play Flash creatives. Just as Windows can play Apple Quicktime files and the Mac OS can play .wmv or Windows Media files. The VPAID JS player loads a Flash Bridge when the creative format is a .flv (Flash) format.

This doesn’t mean Flash will be supported forever. As other browsers follow suit, as they have been, and the industry prepares to fully adopt JS as its creative currency, having a VPAID JS player already in place will bridge this gap.

Ready to get onboard with the ONE by AOL: Video VPAID JS player?

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