2015 European State of the Video Industry Report

The shift of advertising budgets to fund digital video has accelerated, but what’s happening beneath the surface of these shifts?

In the 2015 European State of the Video Industry report, AOL explores key industry trends that are driving digital video’s growing dominance. According to over 400 brands, agencies and publishers surveyed for this third annual report, media consumption habits are calling for more effective engagement and metrics, through sight, sound and motion.

Some key findings the report unveils:

  • Mobile and video are converging, posing new opportunities and challenges to the industry. Mobile is the strongest growth area with more than half of buyers planning an increase mobile video spend.
  • Programmatic is ubiquitous and is set to increase. Nearly all video buyers (98%) in the European markets surveyed are buying video programmatically.
  • Programmatic metrics are more important than ever. Safety and inventory quality issues are the most frequently cited challenges for programmatic video buyers.
  • TV budgets are fuelling an increase in video spend. Nearly two-thirds of the video buyers (61%) who have seen an increase in their digital video budgets say that broadcast TV budgets are being reallocated to video advertising.
  • Video Metrics: CTR is top measurement. CTR is the most used metric to assess the success of video ad campaigns being cited by 43% of buyers.

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