2015 Global State of the Video Industry Primer

Year-over-year, digital video continues to grow—and it shows no signs of stopping, but what is driving this accelerated growth across the globe?

In the first-ever 2015 Global State of the Video Industry primer, AOL, explores industry trends that are fueling digital video’s continued dominance. According to the global brands, agencies and publishers we surveyed, consumer demand is triggering investments to bring sight, sound and motion across screens. 

Some key findings include: 

  • Marketers are reprioritizing traditional advertising budgets and reallocating budgets to digital video. Nine in 10 buyers are shifting dollars from linear TV to digital channels. 
  • Mobile and video are converging, creating new opportunities—and posing new challenges—to the industry. Buyers’ mobile video advertising spend increased an average of 11% in the past year, but marketers still cite cross-device targeting and measurement as a challenge.
  • Programmatic is ubiquitous—and for the first time, the sell side is catching up to the buy side. 92% of buyers and 89% of sellers are benefitting from programmatic video. 
  • Programmatic TV is gaining popularity as audience fragmentation hits an inflection point. 41% of buyers are currently using programmatic TV, while another 37% plan to in the next 12 months
  • Branded video is gaining traction. A third of overall buyers are using branded video content, with slightly heavier usage among brands than agencies. 

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