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ONE by AOL: Publishers is a simple, unified programmatic solution designed to help publishers maximize monetization across every format and channel. 
ONE by AOL: Publishers
Video Activation Solutions

ONE by AOL: Publishers (formerly Vidible, AOL On Network and Be On for Publishers)  is a content management and distribution platform that features a curated video library with over 1.7 million videos. Actively programmed with the most relevant video for a publisher's multi-screen audience, ONE by AOL: Publishers connects content generators with content seekers.

  • Maximize revenue on premium video in a transparent, brand-safe environment.
  • Leverage cutting edge video players that are customizable by publishers and offers premium ad experiences to boost viewability and create new video inventory where there previously was none.

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ONE by AOL: Audience is a sophisticated audience management platform that empowers publishers to leverage data to maximize yield and revenue.

  • Discover valuable audience segments from within first party data, exclusive AOL data and the industry's top data providers.

Creative - Publishers

ONE by AOL: Creative is a programmatic platform for the creation, optimization and execution of premium dynamic, cross-screen ad experiences at scale.

  • Create once, run everywhere: empower marketers to unleash their creativity on your sites by offering a solution that builds beautiful, responsive ads fit for any inventory, screen and format.
  • Increase ROI by monetizing your inventory with high-impact ads that optimize to real-time user interaction data and deep audience insights that extend beyond impressions and clicks.
  • Reduce complexity and simplify the creation, optimization and execution of premium ad experiences with a single, data-enabled platform to develop turnkey or highly custom creatives to run on your site(s) or in open environments.

Watch a demo video and view available premium formats to see ONE by AOL: Creative in action.

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ONE BY AOL: Ad Server

ONE by AOL: Ad Server provides publishers with advanced ad management and serving capabilities that span the entire workflow of the digital marketing landscape.

  • Seamlessly integrate display, video, mobile and rich media ads, with sales management and business analytics.

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ONE by AOL: Display MP

ONE by AOL: Display MP is a supply-side platform and exchange. It is integrated with ONE by AOL and the industry’s leading demand side platform.

Monetize audiences by managing and boosting demand across programmatic channels.

Maximize the value of every impression with our Header Bidding Solution, including both a container solution and supercharged bidder.

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ONE by AOL: Mobile

ONE by AOL: Mobile is a leading mobile marketplace for the world’s top brands, app developers and mobile web publishers.

  • Connect with the industry’s largest mobile demand portfolio to monetize across every device and format with a single, scalable SDK.
  • Harness ad serving, network mediation, real-time bidding and a suite of transparent reports and controls to succeed in today’s mobile advertising world.

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Video - Publisher

ONE by AOL: Video enables publishers to monetize video inventory at scale, with integrated tools for demand forecasting, yield optimization and performance insights.

  • Leverage robust PMP capabilities, ONE by AOL: Video Marketplace (the industry’s leading open exchange), and Advertising Assurance.
  • Ensure video ad safety and quality across every screen.

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