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Take your campaign digital with AOL to see results, both in real time and on Election Day.


AOL's full-scale programmatic solutions help inspire voters at the right time, in the right context in an increasingly video and mobile-led world. Use our end-to-end open platform to easily create, execute and optimize digital buys to reach the voters you need. Maximize efficiency through data and automation, either on your own or with guidance from our seasoned team of experts, and let ONE by AOL reinforce your message.

Target the Right Voters The political machine runs a little smoother when it’s fueled by data. Our advanced targeting capabilities and best-in-class partnerships help you reach the voters you need, wherever they are.
Engage Where It Counts To amplify your message, it’s important that every communication stays on brand, down to the site it runs on. Our curated partners and brands ensure that your display and video ads will appear on quality, relevant properties and every screen. Learn more
Master Your Message A little personalization goes a long way. Make your messaging more meaningful for each specific voter by using data-driven creative content that's based on their individual behaviors, values and preferences.

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