2015 Southeast Asian State of the Video Industry Report

Digital video is growing at an accelerated rate, fueling major shifts in advertising budgets. This growth can be seen across the globe and is evident in Southeast Asia, the latest region to be surveyed as part of AOL’s global research into digital video.

In the 2015 Southeast Asian State of the Video Industry report, AOL explores key industry trends that are driving digital video’s continued dominance. According to the nearly 200 brands, agencies and publishers we surveyed for this inaugural report, the changes in media consumption habits are demanding for more sight, sound and motion across screens.

Some key findings the report unveils:

  • Traditional advertising budgets are being tapped to fund digital video. Video spend is being transferred from a mix of broadcast and cable TV, along with other digital media. Just 4% said it was funded through additional funds.
  • Mobile video is on the rise. Publishers say almost a third of their video revenue came from mobile, with the vast majority reporting mobile video sales had increased in 2015.
  • OTT is important. With video buyers in the region spending an average of 24% of their digital budget on OTT, it carries more weight than the platform does in other key markets, such as the US and Australia.
  • Programmatic is becoming more common. Half of all agencies buying video already have programmatic technology in-house–most of the remainder plan to do so within 12 months.
  • Safety and quality are big concerns. These are the two main concerns about programmatic video buying but most publishers are addressing these through policies, dedicated resources and the use of analytics.

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