2015 US State of the Video Industry Report

The shift of advertising budgets to fund digital video has accelerated, but what’s happening beneath the surface of these shifts?

In the 2015 US State of the Video Industry report, AOL explores key industry trends that are driving digital video’s continued dominance. According to nearly 300 brands, agencies and publishers surveyed for this sixth-annual report, media consumption habits are calling for more effective engagement, through sight, sound and motion.

Some key findings the report unveils:

  • Traditional advertising budgets are being reprioritized to fund digital video. Half of buyers shifting budget to digital video are reallocating from TV.
  • Mobile video is a key area for increased investments. Mobile video budgets have increased 18% since 2014.
  • Programmatic has reached a point of ubiquity for buyers and sellers. 91% of buyers and 88% of publishers are benefiting from programmatic video.
  • Marketers are capitalizing on the best of linear and digital with programmatic TV. 33% of programmatic video advertisers also use programmatic TV and another 41% plan to.
  • Branded video content is an essential area of focus for marketers. Over 30% of brands’ digital video budgets are dedicated to branded video, a number expected to rise in the next year.

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